Trading UP

The clock hit 2:30pm and I knew it was time to head to the airport. My younger brothers grabbed the 2 bags I’d stuffed full of all that’s left of my things and packed them into the car. My mom, in a way that only moms can do, ran through a quick list of things I might be forgetting- do you have your passport? Yes. Do you know what gate you’re at? Not yet. Did you remember to leave me all your information? Yep its on the table…

Everyone had made their way to the car when I knelt down on the floor of my living room soaking in everything about this house Id grown up in one last time…I called my sweet puppy over and pulled her in close. I chuckled for a minute thinking about how much grey hair she’ll have on her face next time I see her…it just keeps growing in!


And in that moment, as I went to stand, with my bags packed away and my family waiting in the car I thought for a second- I cant do this…

I absolutely love my family. We’re different and quirky and just as messed up as yours but I love them. My friends are incredible, my dog is the best, and I have an expensive college degree that I’ve yet to actually use.

God, I have a REALLY good life right here-I think I’ll stay a little while longer.
Maybe later we could try again?

But God, in His infinite grace, came and whispered 2 words into my heart that haven’t left me since…immeasurably more.


It’s the same promise that beckoned me to go in the first place and the same truth I hear every morning when I’m quiet enough to listen. It’s the hope of my heart and the fire in my bones…immeasurably more.

I got this ridiculous picture in my head on the way to the airport of me standing in front of God holding all the things I love most up to Him- my family, my dog, my friends, my college degree, my church, and saying to Him look, see! This is all so good! You don’t really want me to leave this, right? And in my mind I see Him smiling as He brings me in closer…

It IS good, He says, it is so good. You’ve been blessed with much in this world and I know it’s hard right now but what I’m asking you to do is trade up. None of the stuff you have here is going to last anyway so come, trade up. Come follow Me, know Me more, and make Me known. Trade in what is good for what is better- Me. 


And so I did. It was hard…it still is hard. Even as I sit here and write this I miss parts of life from home. But He’s already shown me countless times since being here in the Philippines that the immeasurably more He promises really is true!

What is holding you back from going deeper with God? Maybe He isn’t calling you across the world but instead He’s asking if you’ll give up that thing you’re so proud of, or the past you let define you, or maybe He’s asking you to give up your Saturday mornings, your extra bedroom, your second car.

Will you trade up today? Immeasurably more is waiting…

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6 thoughts on “Trading UP

  1. Little Brother

    Ya know I’m kinda regretting the whole taking your bags thing, they were heavy and it just got you away that much faster. But I’m so proud to be your brother, and excited to one day see this place you’ve traded up to!

    • Im excited for you to see it one day too…maybe you’ll even decide to stay 🙂 Love you and miss you!

  2. Sandy Vinzant

    Leah, you are amazing. Doing this alone. It is hard right know, but it is going to be well worth it. Just give it time. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about you. It is going to get amazingly better. God has amazing things for you, that is a promise. We are so proud of you. Just know we are just right over here not far, thinking about you and praying. Mike said we might just need to come over and see you. If you needs us for anything, we are here. Just three hours away. We love you so much. God Bless you.

    • It’s hard and good 🙂 I truly do love it here and know I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Once I’m all settled in I would love you guys to visit!

  3. Sarah

    I am in love with this post. I couldn’t be more proud of you and honored to call you my best friend and sister. Keep on keepin on, sweet sister. I love you and can’t wait to hear from you soon 🙂

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