Faithful in small things.

My days are not all that exciting right now…


I wake up about 6:00am (if the roosters are kind enough to let me sleep that long), sip my coffee, and soak in the freshness of a new day.

I wish I could say that after my morning routine I hit the streets and head over to the drop in center for the morning feeding…or check in on things at the halfway home…or take one of the street kids out for lunch to get to know him better. But I can’t.

Because that’s not what I do right now. That’s the dream in my heart and I know it will happen…but it’s not quite time yet.

For now every morning after my coffee and sweet time with Jesus, I throw my language book and all my vocab words into my backpack, grab a pen and the bike keys on the way out the door, and head down to the local café for tutoring.

Memorize. Quiz. Listen. Recite. Work on pronunciation. Bang head on table. Drink more coffee. Memorize new words. Repeat. And that is literally my whole day. Throw in some emails, planning and vision casting for what is next, skype meetings, a weekly trip to the market, and church on Sundays, and that about covers it!


Every fiber of my being longs to fast forward to October and be in Cagayan de Oro with the street kids opening a drop in center. Most days I don’t feel like talking, or planning, or learning anymore. I just want to go DO IT!

This weekend we went to Cagayan to see the building that will eventually be renovated into the drop in center, learn our way around the city, and meet some of the kids. We went out on Friday night and I got to hang out with some of the street kids I’ve been praying for for so long.

Finally! I thought to myself as we walked through the streets. We spent some time with the kids at a random concert in the middle of the plaza. We played. We danced. I flew down the slide. They laughed and thought I was crazy. I kind of am.

But I left there torn and frustrated by the long journey ahead, discouraged that I couldn’t do the one thing I so desperately wanted- talk to them.

I learned a few of their names and I told them mine but that’s about as far as we could go. I couldn’t ask them their stories or share mine with them. I couldn’t let them know about the drop in center or tell them how we came all the way to the Philippines just for them. I couldn’t talk about Jesus…Hope…nothing. I couldn’t really say anything at all.


For a few minutes I was frustrated- convinced it would be years before I could really speak their language. But now I’m not so frustrated. I’m motivated.

On the way home, and often since then, I’ve thought about the parable in Matthew 25 where the master gives a few of his servants each bags of gold. In the story, 2 of the guys take their money and put it to work, in essence multiplying what they were given to begin with. The other servant took his gold and hid it away so it would be safe when his master came back to get it.

In the end the master comes back and isn’t very happy with the guy who did nothing with his time and what he was given. He calls him wicked and lazy and then throws him out. But to the other servants who worked and multiplied the money he says this-

“Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful over little; now I will entrust you with much. Come, enter the joy of your master!”

Even though my days right now feel small and insignificant, I still want to be faithful. I want to take this time God’s given me to learn the language and use it to the fullest-trusting and knowing that eventually He will say to us OK Leah…Meagan…Natalie- its GO time- show me what you’ve got!

I want to be fully ready for that day- with more to show for this time than when I started.

So until its go time, you’ll find me at a little yellow café in the center of town studying my tail off with my tutor- trying to learn this whacky Cebuano language…still dreaming of the “much” that is soon to come.


What “small things” has God entrusted you with lately?
Will you choose to be faithful in it?

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6 thoughts on “Faithful in small things.

  1. Donna

    Thanks, Leah! That was a great word today. Though I know I followed the call that I needed to at the time, I do often wish that time to learn the language had been part of the plan. So enjoy and appreciate this gift, because it is a gift, and work hard hard hard (because it is hard hard hard) and before you know it you will be having small conversations and then bigger ones!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement! So ready to even just be able to have small conversations 🙂

  2. Meg

    Great word! This is at least the third time in the last couple weeks that this scripture has been brought to my attention, and I’m grateful for each reminder. Our Lord is preparing you and those children for beyond-abundant blessings in your and their lives!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sandy Vinzant

    Be still my child and wait. Leah, HE is preparing you for what HE has for you. It is all in his time. Dwell in him love for you and wait on him. Love you so much. I so enjoy your blogs and think about you so much. I love this side of the world, but you are seeing and working with people that I don’t see. My heart are for those people, but it is not my calling. It is yours and I am so thankful that you listened. God bless.

  4. I really love this Leah. I’ve had this battle as well since coming back from our Race. Wanting to just GO! But, God has called both of us to a season of learning and preparation for that moment when He does actually say “Go!” For that I’m excited. Thank you so much Leah for your insight and sharing. This was wonderful and encouraging to me.

  5. amber wright

    Leah God is using you through your testimony. I am facing the same thing here in Texas. You have given me hope. I will pray God grows you through this time. God bless you and your ministry.

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