Letting kids be kids.

We’ve officially had school up and running here at “Streetlight” for 2 weeks! And in just two short weeks we have seen miracles happen in that room.

By nature, I tend to see things very realistically. So when miracles happen, they blow my mind every single time because I could’ve sworn that thing-whatever it is- could never happen.

When we started school, I was the one asking questions like- what happens when our kids don’t want to come? Or, how will we manage the days when they come to school high? Is it even possible to have a schedule with street kids? Or, how do we know they will even enjoy this? This is SCHOOL we’re talking about here and these are kids!


On one hand, my questions like these are good- it helps our team think through all different scenarios and plan as best as we can for curveballs and kinks that are bound to come our way. On the other hand, sometimes it means I don’t leave enough room for faith. My eyes can get so focused on all the impossibilities that I can’t even see what God is capable of doing if I would just trust Him.

Thankfully, God still works behind my back- leaving all my questions, doubts, and impossibilities lying smashed in the dust.

Not only do all our kids come to school but they enjoy it! I’ve watched them transform from 7, 8, 9, 10 year olds who are fighting to survive into kids who play and laugh and celebrate when they get their math right!

Every afternoon, the kids start piling in around 1:00. One by one they take a shower, eat their lunch, and brush their teeth. FYI- thanks to YOUR support we can provide these things.

Then we start every class off with a prayer. Sometimes the kids pray, sometimes the teacher, sometimes one of us. Its short and simple, but I just love to hear them pray. We sing a song and usually play a game. Then their brains get to work!


Right now most of them, regardless of age, are learning to read. It will never get old for me to watch their faces change from embarrassed to confident when they sound a word out right or solve a basic addition problem on the board in front of their friends. We clap and celebrate and cheer at seemingly small things because to these kids- they are HUGE victories.

I’ve seen more smiles and heard more laughter in that classroom over the past two weeks than I’ve seen or heard from them in months! There are certainly still curveballs and difficulties- but I can praise God because He really is working miracles here every single day.

Its almost like the world just stops each afternoon for them from 1:00-4:00. They are free. Free from their addiction to rugby. Free from hunger. Free from the danger of the street. Free from all the fighting.

Even if its only for a few hours, they are free to just be kids.
And THAT is a beautiful thing.


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3 thoughts on “Letting kids be kids.

  1. It is a very nice concept of learning. By activities like these the child within is able to enjoy the joy in childhood. Thankfully God is doing miracles in these small ways an thanks to you to share this wonderful post Regards, Eduezee

  2. Greg Kaldahl


    You are inspiring beyond words. You’re changing more lives in a week than I will in a lifetime.

    Uncle Greg

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