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Ready for the next thing.

Have you ever desperately wanted to move on to the next thing? I don’t know what the next thing is for you- maybe you’re single and ready to be married, or maybe you’re stuck in the same position at work and you’re more than ready and qualified for a promotion. Or maybe you’re ready to have kids but it hasn’t happened yet.

Me? I’m ready for land. Every day for 9 months the kids have come to the drop-in center to shower off the dirt and grime from the night before, grab their plates and pile on rice, play games or color or rap or sleep, and then we do school for as long as their attention spans can hold.

But then they leave the center and spend the rest of their time on the streets. They sniff rugby and get high, they fight, and then they find a safe corner on the street or underneath a cart to catch a few hours of sleep.


So much change has happened in their lives over the past 9 months. For the most part, they smile more and laugh a lot. Many of them can read and write and they take great pride in their math skills. They have clothes and toys to call their own. They shower and brush their teeth and eat healthy meals. They stand taller and walk more confidently because they know they are loved.

BUT we are all more than ready to move on. The kids, the staff, the teachers- we’ve hit a wall, it feels, and there’s not much farther we can go. Until the kids are off the streets and in a place where they can break these addictions, we can’t do much more. It becomes more and more difficult with them every day.

On the other hand, we have a piece of land that we love. It’s the same land we’ve been looking at for 6 months now. We’ve prayed, had countless meetings and negotiations and proposals. If you’ve visited here recently, then you probably even went out there with us to see it.


But still we have to wait. The process of purchasing land and building homes here is slooooowwwww. It would be slow in America too, I’m sure. But it’s REALLY, painfully slow here in a third world country! This week’s holdup is the water. We aren’t sure how to get water up to the land for a more than a few hours every day. And you can imagine that might get a little difficult with 15+ kids and staff living there at a time.

This week it’s the water. And realistically, next week it will probably be something else. So that’s my battle these days- how do I stay present and hopeful in the current season when everything in and around me is ready to head into the next?

I haven’t got it all figured out, but here’s what I know to be true- if God wanted us to have land already, we’d have it. If he wanted your house sold by now, it would be sold. Or if you were supposed to have a baby by now, you’d have one.


So when I’m praying these days I’ve tried to stop asking why or when. Instead, I’m trying to live my life constantly asking Him what now? Where is the good stuff you set before me today? Because I know its here.

And I promise you its there in your life too.

Hidden between the frustrations and holdups and even the occasional let downs are these tiny moments, precious gifts from God straight to us, that are meant for us to notice and be apart of. I truly believe God doesn’t waste a day. Which means, for us, we’re not still working out of this tiny drop in center for no reason. He is at work.


There’s good stuff happening here.
I just have to be willing to stop dreaming ahead long enough to notice it…

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