The In Between.

We wake up today in waiting. Perhaps today, more than any other Easter before.

Yesterday we remembered Jesus crucified. Tomorrow we joyfully celebrate His resurrection. But what to do with today?

The waiting. The in between of the “what is happening?”…“how could this be good?”…the ”what did I miss?”… and the promise fulfilled.  

I think often about what it must have been like to be the disciples and to live Holy Week out in real time. I have to wonder what they thought…how they must have struggled to make sense of what was happening as their Friend was dragged away. I imagine the very real emotions they felt that surely kept them awake at night during the time in between Friday and Sunday. 

Did they remember all the miracles they’d just been witness to? Did they think about Lazarus or Jairus’ daughter and assume this would play out in the same way? But why the delay?

Did they replay over and over again their Teacher’s last words trying to understand? “Take heart” he had said to them right before leaving, “for I have overcome the world”.
.Was this confusing to them? How could death not mean the end? 

Unlike the disciples, we know how this story ends. And yet I write this, to be perfectly honest, from a repentant heart. Knowing deep down how I have so often handled these types of ‘in between’ days in my own life. I  desperately want to be a person who lives every day of the year with Sunday in mind. I want to remember that God is always about bringing life from death. But gosh, how many Saturdays in between have I spent trying to make sense of what I see here around me? How many times have I finished the day and uttered my own version of “what now?” to my ceiling as I lay awake for hours? 

Nothing makes sense in death. Nothing seems “good”  in waiting. 
Unless you know of resurrection. 

So, we lament what is broken in us and around us. And we remember the One who was broken for us. But then we enter into the time between Friday and Sunday, and we trust Him. Today. 

Today, as we wait inside our homes for this pandemic to end. 
Today, as we wait for answers. 
Today, as we wait to feel better. 
In the middle, but not yet..
Before it makes any sense to call it good..

May we embrace today the hope we have on this side of the cross- that He who did not spare His own Son, but gave him up for us, will also graciously give us all things.  (Romans 8:32)

All things. 

All the patience for your kids. All the creativity for your work. All the comfort in your loneliness. All the peace for your anxious mind. All the provisions you fear you lack. He graciously gives to us. 

The disciples couldn’t fully grasp what was happening around them. They didn’t realize that all of Heaven was simply up there counting to three, waiting to roll back that stone. But we know the whole story, so we have to stop living as if we don’t. The empty tomb behind us is our hope for every in between day that lies ahead of us. That light does come again after the dark. That God does have the final say in all things. And He will make everything right. 

This is not just meant to celebrated tomorrow while emotions are high and songs are pointed at resurrection. This is a truth worth tethering our hearts to every day of the year. Especially the Saturdays in between when we don’t see it yet.

I pray we wait well, friends.
Happy Easter

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